HyDip Tank Gauging devices are supplied with a single combined antenna for 3G/4G and GPS. It has two cables, each with an SMA/M connector at the end.

Alternatively users can use a higher 3G/4G gain antenna in locations where the 3G/4G signal is weak.

Mount the antenna on a horizontal bracket so that the top faces flat against the open sky.

Connecting the antennas

Checking the identity labels on each cable, connect each antenna to the correct SMA/F connector of the HyDip Device.


The antennas must be the right way round

Check the identity labels on the cables carefully and do not remove them.

Although the GPS and 3G/4G antennas both have SMA/M inputs, do not confuse them. GPS and 3G/4G antennas have very different characteristics. They may still work if incorrectly connected, but both 3G/4G and GPS reception and battery life may be impaired.