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In order to install a HyDip device you will need the following equipment:

What HyDip will, or can, supply

  • The HyDip device
  • GSM (3G) band and GPS combination antenna
  • External power supply for 12V -24VDC/1.5A (18W) input
  • Solar panel (10W) with cable (optional)
  • Current loop adapter depending on dispenser type

What you will also need

  • Valid mobile 3G SIM card with data traffic enabled (3G HyDip only - contact your mobile broadband service provider to obtain one).
  • The SIM card must have its PIN disabled. If a PIN is present on the SIM, it can usually be disabled by inserting it into a normal mobile phone and following the phone PIN setting instructions.
  • Login for the HyDip website (this will be provided by your vendor)
  • Wall or mounting pole for the HyDip device, solar panel and antenna
  • Battery, 6V lead acid (12000mAH / 12AH recommended)

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