SIM card

A SIM card is required if the HyDip Tank Gauging device is to be connected via a cellular network. Any standard sized mobile 3G/4G SIM card with IP data traffic enabled is suitable.

Standard SIM card in HyDip SIM card holderStandard SIM card in HyDip SIM card holder

Standard SIM card in HyDip SIM card holder


The SIM card must have its PIN code disabled.

If a PIN is present on the SIM it can usually be disabled using a normal mobile phone.

Inserting a SIM card

  1. Use a small screwdriver or pin to eject the SIM card holder from the slot on the left side of the unit (the slot is labelled as “SIM”)
  2. Insert the SIM card to the SIM card holder
  3. Carefully insert the populated SIM card holder face down into the slot on the side of the unit. It should slide in easily. If resistance is felt during insertion, withdraw the card holder, check that the card holder is correctly orientated and then try again. Do not force it.