Product summary for Site Groups

Per popular request, you can now view per-product tank dip totals across entire Site Groups.

Search box

We've added a search box in the top bar that searches for sites, site groups, tanks and tank groups. Once you've added more than a few Sites, search can be a lot faster to find what you are looking for.

Hydip DM app graphs

We've updated the mobile app Tanks tab to show tank levels. Visually inspecting large numbers of tanks from your mobile is now much easier.

Sign in pages improved

Sign in is now simplified and we've made the styles easier to read.

Creating Organisation improved

You can now create a new organisation with just the serial number from your first HyDip device. When you create the new organisation, we'll add the device to the new organisation, create your administrator account and populate your account with a sensible default configuration of tank and site groups.

Dashboard map moved

Previously, the dashboard map showed all devices in all networks at the same time. When dealing with large numbers of devices and many networks, the map became overwhelming. Furthermore, user feedback generally indicated that the maps were most relevant when tied to specific networks.

Independent Alerts page

The Alerts page is now separate from the map view. This offers a considerably improved user experience when managing large numbers of alerts.

Connectivity chart added

For FT2 and X2 devices which maintain a permanent connection to HyDip Cloud, we've added a connection history chart to help you identify network faults.

Tank detail page tabs changed

Previously in setting up a Tank, Hoses and Sensors were configured through a single 'Installation' tab. Customers gave us feedback that bringing them to the foreground would make things easier. So, we listened.

Hose setup tab added to a site page

For a quicker access to Hoses a Hoses tab has been added to the top level of each Site page.