How to

Connect to X2

  1. Power both the X2 and the Pump Display on.
  2. Connect them together via RS485.
  3. On hydip website in the settings for the X2 device enable the Pump display.
  4. When the Price per litre on the Pump Display stops flashing it is an indication that both of the devices are communicating ok.

Set the address

  1. Power on the device.
  2. With a small screwdriver hold the "SERVICE" button at the back of the device for approx. 5 seconds and let go when the device enters setting mode.
  1. In setting mode each tap of the "SERVICE" button increments the address by +1. Set it to the value you wish to have.
  2. On the desired value long hold the "SERVICE" button again for approx. 7 seconds until the device leaves the setting mode. This applies the new setting.