Power supply

The device is equipped with an external power connector (EXT), which supports 10-24V DC input that can be supplied from a voltage converter connected to mains or a generator. As well as that a solar power (SOL) and battery (BATT) connectors are available.

Power supply options

The HyDip device may be connected in any of the following configurations:

  • 10-24V DC external power only (mains / generator).
  • 10-24V DC external power with a 6V sealed lead acid battery.
  • 10-24V DC external power, with a 6V sealed lead acid battery and a solar panel.
  • 6V sealed lead acid battery and a solar panel.

The HyDip will keep the 6V battery charged whenever the solar or external power is connected.

The arrangement is shown below:


Connecting power to the HyDip Tank Gauging device.

Installation procedure

To connect a battery, external mains or a solar power supply safely, follow this process:

  1. Ensure the HyDip device is switched off at the main power switch
  2. Battery: use a green 3-pin terminal connector to connect the 6V battery terminals to the BATT (+ve) and GND (-ve) pins. Do not connect to the unlabelled pin
  3. Mains / generator / solar: use a 3-pin terminal connector to connect:
  • mains power/ generator (10-24V DC using an AC/DC power pack) to the port labelled EXT+
  • a solar panel to the port labelled SOL+ (optional)
  • the negative terminals of both power and solar to the port labelled the GND (-ve) pin.
  1. Finally, switch the device on.

Power supply requirements

Note the following power requirements:

Solar input10V DC min - 24V DC max, 10W min
Power input10V DC min - 24V DC max, 18W min

External (mains/generator) supply

The external supply must be converted to 10 - 24V max DC (18W) using an AC/DC converter power pack; do not exceed 24V DC.

Using a green 3-pin terminal connector, connect

  • The positive input line to EXT (External).
  • The negative input line to GND (ground).

If using with a solar panel, both external and solar share the same ground.

Solar panel


A solar panel may be used to power a HyDip device, but will only work reliably when used with a battery. The solar panel must be 10-24V DC (and must not exceed 24V DC).

Using a green 3-pin terminal connector, connect

  • The positive pin to SOL+.
  • The negative pin to GND.

If using with external power (mains or generator), both the external power and solar panel share the same ground. A 6V battery (12000mAH / 12AH recommended) will also be required. Please follow the instructions below.

EXT + SOL: sharing the ground pin

It is possible for both external/solar and battery power to be connected at the same time. This will allow the HyDip to be powered by battery in the event of a mains power outage.

If you connect the HyDip in this configuration, the GND (ground) pin will be shared by the external and solar inputs.



The 6VDC battery will be kept charged by the HyDip while the external power is applied. The battery provides backup power to continue tank gauging if the external mains power fails or is switched off.

A battery will be required when using a solar panel.
Using a green 3-pin terminal connector, connect

  • The positive pin to BATT (External).
  • The negative pin to GND (ground).

The battery will automatically start charging when its output voltage drops below 7.2V.

The HyDip Tank Gauging device can be supplied with a 10W solar panel. This allows the battery to be automatically charged when the battery voltage drops below 7.2VDC during daylight hours.
Alternatively the battery can be charged via the HyDip Tank Gauging device if connected to an external power source 10 - 24V DC.

When the battery is fully charged the CHARGING LED (green) will blink very slowly.

When external power is applied to the device and no battery is connected the CHARGING LED will blink quickly.