The HyDip Fuel Tracking X2 (HFTX2) is an 'all-in-one' device for fuel dispensing and tank gauging. It has all the electronics to connect nozzles, flowmeters and pumps already built in. Once connected to the internet, tank dip activity as well as fuel dispensing activity can be monitored, configured and managed via the HyDip website.



  • Fuel dispensing in Standard mode and Load out mode (Fast dispensing for large quantities of fuel).
  • Tank gauging.
  • Internet communication via 3G/4G as well as via Ethernet.
  • GPS.




On the main board:

Connector LabelFunction
X1Nozzle #1
X2Flowmeter #1
X3Pump #1
X4Nozzle #2
X5Flowmeter #2
X6Pump #2
X7Sensor #1
X8Sensor #2
X9Sensor #3
X10Sensor #4

On the addon board:

Connector LabelFunction
XA1Sensor #5
XA2Sensor #6
XA3Nozzle #3
XA4Nozzle #4
XA5Flowmeter #3
XA6Flowmeter #4
XA7Pump #3
XA8Pump #4


Nozzles - Any:

Flowmeters - Reed switch, one phase:

Flowmeters - Reed switch, two phase:

Flowmeters - Hall effect, one phase:

Flowmeters - Hall effect, two phase:

Pumps - Any:

Sensors - 4-20mA:


Electrical safety

Please follow these guidelines to ensure safe connections:

  • The HyDip device should be installed by a certified electrician.
  • Follow all local codes for safety requirements. Pay particular attention to electrical codes.
  • Ensure there is a good electrical connection between the HyDip enclosure earth terminal and back panel chassis.
  • Use shielded cabling for all communication cables, ensuring the cable shielding is properly grounded.