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The HyDip Fuel Tracking (HFT) device has almost all of the tank gauging functionality of the HTG.

HFT also provides remote management of fuel dispensers and flow computers.

Throughout this manual HFT refers to the HFT-3G-S-1 / HFT-ETH-S-1 models.

These devices support 3G mobile network and Ethernet connectivity to the internet.

What HFT does
The HyDip Fuel Tracking (HFT) controller is a communication and access authorization device.

As well as providing the tank gauging functions of the HyDip, the HyDip Fuel Tracking (HFT) controller will also:

  • authorize user access before the fuel dispensing equipment can be enabled through an authorization procedure that requires the presentation of a uniquely numbered RFID device or card and a correctly entered PIN at the dispenser keypad and reader

  • control and communicate with up to sixteen independent hoses

  • record the card or RFID device number presented, and date and time stamp the start and end of each transaction

  • manage product restrictions on each card or RFID device to restrict certain fuel grades or liquid products being dispensed against that card or RFID device

  • upload to the internet the completed fuel transaction details recorded against the authorized card or RFID device, as sent to the HFT controller by the third party fuel flow computer, pump or dispenser.

It is not a flow computer which measures the fuel transaction quantity or calculates the fuel transaction value. Instead it uploads completed fuel transaction information as calculated by fuel dispensers, pumps and flow computers provided by other equipment suppliers.

The HFT controls user access via an authorization procedure, before these fuel dispensers, pumps or flow computers can be enabed to begin to dispense any fuel.

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