Magnetostrictive sensors

Another sensor you may use is a magnetostrictive liquid level sensor which uses a pole and float system to modify an electric signal.


The length of the rigid pole should be the same as the depth of the liquid. A float containing a magnet rests on the surface of a given liquid, and is able to slide up and down the pole as the liquid level changes. The position of the float on the pole in mm is converted into litres for the specific dimensions of the tank as set up in the HyDip device configuration.

At the free end of the magnetostrictive gauge cable you should find:

  • Two signal wires, one positive and one negative.
  • A ground wire made from the shielding on the cable.

Please refer to the sensor manufacturer’s documentation for detailed specifications and installation instructions.

Connecting to HyDip

  1. Identify the two signal wires, and connect them, taking care to get the correct polarity, to a green 2-pin terminal block connector plug using the screw fittings.
  2. If the cable supplied with the gauge is not long enough, install a weather proof junction box to connect the extra cable length. Ensure all cable conduits are water tight to prevent external water entry into the junction box. If you are using a vented junction box make sure there is no possibility of water entry.
  3. Plug the 2-pin green terminal block into the socket on the HyDip Tank Gauging device (TK1 for sensor 1, TK2 for sensor 2 and so on).